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The Ambitions Podcast - Series 6

Oie Mandy

Lizzie Tasker The Ambitions Podcast

The Ambitions Podcast is back! Now in its sixth series, we've come a long way since we recorded our first episode two years ago. Over this series, we continue to look at how the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit have impacted the world of recruitment, sharing our experiences and expertise from the frontline. 

Filmed in May 2021, adhering to all Government guidance in place at the time and fully COVID secure. With thanks to Distract and Flintwood Films.

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In the first episode of our new series, Managing Director at Ambitions Personnel, Mandy Watson, speaks with colleague Lizzie Tasker on the topic that everyone has been talking about this year. 

Working from home has become the norm for thousands of workers nationwide over the past year due to the Coronavirus restrictions, but it's not for everyone. Mandy and Lizzie debate the advantages and disadvantages of the trend and ask if it is here to stay now restrictions are lifting and offices open back up. 

Featuring: Mandy Watson and Lizzie Tasker

Release Date: 8th June 2021


s06e02 - food market update

In the second episode of our new series, Gerrard Grundy speaks with colleague Lizzie Tasker on the state of the food industry regionally as well as nationally and the impact that the pandemic and Brexit has had on the jobs market.

The pandemic has hit some industries hard, but has this meant an upturn in worker availability to help address the shortages in the food market? We look at the state of the industry in terms of recruitment and what this might mean going forward.

Featuring: Gerrard Grundy and Lizzie Tasker

Release Date: 23rd June 2021



This week, Kiran Kaur – Head of Ambitions’ Commercial Recruitment Division speaks with colleague Leanne Cooper on the state of the commercial labour market. Naturally, the conversation is dominated by the impact of the pandemic and the huge changes that businesses have had to implement, and the knock-on effect this has had on employee retention and recruitment. 

Several trends have emerged as a result, but what looks set to stay? 

We discuss the last 18 months and look at what might lie ahead in the future.

Featuring: Kiran Kaur and Leanne Cooper

Release Date: 6th July 2021


S06E04 - warehousing and logistics market update

In our third and final labour market update, Ambitions’ Becky Gench along with Director Claire Haggar bring you up to date on what’s happening from the frontline of the Warehousing and Logistics industry.

They look back at what has changed since the start of the pandemic and how a shift in consumer habits has had a huge impact within this sector. As the world starts to open up again, will we see that shift again? And now, as businesses head towards their peak season with growing concerns over staff shortages, the conversation turns to what issues might lie ahead.

Featuring: Claire Haggar and Becky Gench

Release Date: 20th July 2021


s06e05 - employee engagement post-pandemic

This week, Lizzie Tasker along with Operations Director, Becky Gench take a look at employee engagement. 

It’s a topic that’s featured in many of our previous episodes, but how has the pandemic affected the employer / employee relationship. And importantly, what should employers consider as many prepare to return to the workplace? It’s uncharted territory, but can employers turn these obstacles into opportunities?

Featuring: Becky Gench and Lizzie Tasker

Release Date: 3rd August 2021

S06E06 - POST-PANDEMIC legalities in the world of work with oliver tasker

In this episode, Ambitions' Gerrard Grundy is joined by Partner at Wilkin Chapman, Oliver Tasker, to talk about the legal ramifications that COVID and the subsequent easing of restrictions has brought the world of employment. 

The pair discuss trial delays, new precedents and the challenges that this unique event has introduced unexpectedly.

Featuring: Gerrard Grundy and Oliver Tasker

Release Date: 17th August 2021

S06E07 - retraining and workplace learning POST-PANDEMIC

The pandemic highlighted self-improvement and remaining resilient when it comes to qualifications and learning. Host Lizzie is joined by Ambitions Personnel's Head of Commercial Recruitment, Kiran Kaur-Costa and Managing Director Mandy Watson to discuss training, internal improvements and building a workforce for the future. 

Featuring: Lizzie Tasker, Mandy Watson and Kiran Kaur

Release Date: 24th August 2021

S06E08 - the lincolnshire food valley with sarah louise fairburn

Lincolnshire is known for its food industry, but more needs to be done to promote the fact the county is full of innovation and open for business. Host Gerrard Grundy is joined by Vice Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP and Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire Food Board Sarah Louise Fairburn to discuss the food industry and how recruitment can play a part in bringing the best to the area.

Featuring: Gerrard Grundy and Sarah Louise Fairburn

Release Date: 7th September 2021


Host Lizzie is joined by Managing Director at Distract, Peter Watson to discuss the importance of spelling, punctuation and grammar in business. Peter has recently published 'The Niche Influence' a book on marketing and finding your audience. The pair discuss whether SPAG is still important and whether you can still make a good impression without a talent for English.

Featuring: Lizzie Tasker and Pete Watson

Release Date: 21st September 2021

S06E10 - what can you do with a podcast?

Podcasts can be an incredible tool for branding, reputation and content creation. Host Lizzie is joined by Managing Director, Mandy Watson and the pair discuss the concept of a podcast and how the Ambitions Podcast has developed over time.

Featuring: Amanda Watson and Lizzie Tasker

Release Date: 5th October 2021