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Gender Pay Gap

The scope of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 requires us, as an employer of in excess of 250 people, to produce a report comparing men and women's pay on an annual basis using a snapshot date of 5th April each year. 

Throughout our 34 years in business, we are proud to have built a reputation for excellence, remaining true to our core values of honesty, loyalty and trust. Our people are central to our success, and undoubtedly their passion and commitment are what continue to drive our business forward.

We aim to be an employer of choice and are keen to promote the recruitment industry as a place to build a long and successful career. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be in a position to provide opportunities to such a diverse array of people, and, as a large employer, take our duty to ensure every member of staff is treated equally, very seriously. Commitment to equality is at the forefront of our processes and therefore we have welcomed this opportunity to report our current position and reflect on how we can do more.

Click here to visit the Government's Gender Pay Gap website to search results from all employers with over 250 employees. 

Click here to view our Gender Pay Gap data on the Government's website.

Our latest reports can be downloaded below:

AP Gender Pay Gap Report 2021.pdf

Size: 269 KB​

AP Gender Pay Gap Report 2020.pdf

Size: 619 KB

AP Gender Pay Gap Report 2019.pdf

Size: 669 KB

AP Gender Pay Gap Report 2018.pdf

Size: 466 KB

AP Gender Pay Gap Report 2017.pdf

Size: 215 KB