Mandy Watson


I am the founder and Managing Director of Ambitions Personnel, launching the business in 1990.

I began my career in recruitment with a London firm, having grown up in Essex. Instantly passionate and driven with the work I was doing, it wasn’t long before I aspired to open my own recruitment company.

Thanks to having some family based in the Lincolnshire area, I identified it as a promising location to launch my business.

With a lot of luck and a lot of hard work, Ambitions has secured fantastic growth having opened multiple branches across the East Midlands.

My core responsibilities are to ensure my team is happy and motivated, in addition to maintaining levels of excellence in everything we do to drive the business forward.

This job has never once been boring and in this industry, there is always a challenge – I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Favourite food?



Travelling, keeping fit and looking after my expanding family including my twin grandchildren. 

Favourite holiday destination?



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