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The Ambitions Podcast - Series 4

Series 4

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Filmed pre-COVID19 pandemic, series 4 will explore a range of topics including city development, business finance, branding, wellbeing, business continuity and recruitment challenges. 

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In the first episode of this new series Lincoln-based company founders and Managing Directors, Mandy Watson of Ambitions Personnel and her special guest, Peter Watson of Distract, discuss how Lincoln has shaped their businesses and careers. 

Despite neither one being a Lincoln native, both Mandy and Peter chose Lincoln to be the base of their organisations. 

With 25 years between the launches of their agencies, one recruitment and one marketing, Mandy and Peter explain what initially attracted them to Lincoln, highlight what other local enterprises have enhanced the evolution of the historical city and explore what the future holds for Lincoln.

Featuring - Mandy Watson & Pete Watson 
Released -  24th April 2020 


S04E02 - The Power Of Partnerships

In an industry like recruitment where confidence is key, how do business leaders remain optimistic about growth and financial security?

In this episode of The Ambitions Podcast, Managing Director and founder of Ambitions, Mandy Watson is joined by special guest, Andy Proctor, Relationship Director at NatWest Bank, who has been Ambitions’ Bank Manager since the mid-noughties.

Mandy and Andy share how essential the strength of their partnership has been to Ambitions growth, as well as what challenges and red tapes they’ve encountered along the way.

Featuring - Mandy Watson & Andy Proctor
Released - 15th May 2020


S04E03 - building, becoming and being a brand

If a picture says a thousand words, what does your brand say about you?

In today’s podcast, Ambitions Personnel’s Operations Director, Becky Gench, is joined by the company’s external graphics specialist and owner of dv8 Design, Wayne France.

Wayne was instrumental in Ambitions’ 2019 rebrand and works closely with the firm’s directors and marketing team for many major projects.

Along with Becky, Wayne discusses the ‘fundamental laws’ of branding and what the true impact of a company’s identity is in the marketplace and to its own workers. Becky and Wayne also discuss the challenges of company branding, especially when it comes to rebranding and multi-purpose

Featuring - Becky Gench & Wayne France
Released - 5th June 2020


S04e04 - We’re Human First – The Totality of Employee Wellbeing

How simple is showing your employees’ that you care?

In today’s podcast Ambitions Personnel’s HR Manager, Helen Mason, is joined by the Founder and “Chief Energy Sparker” of business and wellbeing consultancy, Firecracker. Together, they discuss the “totality” of employee wellbeing and highlight all too often overlooked aspects of the complex matter.

Helen and Rachel also explore the responsibility employers have to invest in their business’ leadership and management, and what detrimental impact ‘toxic management’ spreads through an entire company.

Featuring - Helen Mason & Rachel Linstead
Released - 26th June 2020


S04E05 - disaster recovery, doing nothing is not an option

Disaster Recovery. If you didn’t know what it was before the coronavirus pandemic, you sadly do now.  

In this episode, Ambitions’ Account Manager, Gerrard Grundy, is joined by Tech Director of Minerva IT, Dave Rendall, to discuss the importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan, and what SMEs should consider when developing one. 

A complex matter with various aspects to consider from cost-benefit analysis to business continuity. Thanks to their DR Plans, many businesses have shown incredible resilience in really threatening times. 

Gerrard and Dave share their personal experiences with business disasters, what the recovery processes entailed and how they’ve mitigated future risks.

Featuring - Gerrard Grundy & Dave Rendall
Released - 17th July 2020


S04E06 - The New Immigration System 2021

The announcement of next year’s new immigration system may have been overshadowed by the COVID-pandemic, its scheduled implementation in January 2021 has not been affected.

Shortly after the points-based system was confirmed, and just weeks prior to lockdown, Ambitions Personnel’s Gerrard Grundy and Helen Mason discussed the 'bombshell' new immigration policies.

Recruitment specialists, Gerrard and Helen explore the intended benefits of the pending points-based system as well as the potential pitfalls of such a radical change to such a heavily relied on source of essential workers.

Featuring - Gerrard Grundy & Helen Mason 
Released -  7th August 2020


S04E07 - the challenges of being young in business

The great thing with leadership is that age doesn’t matter.

In the final episode of The Ambitions Podcast series 4, Operations Director, Becky Gench, is joined by a friendly face, Distract’s Pete Watson.

Pete shares with Becky his personal experiences and challenges with being a young entrepreneur and business owner in a predominantly senior market.

Extremely talented in his field of marketing and business, Pete talks in-depth about his journey into becoming an HR and recruitment leader, as well as how he adapted to earn the respect of his team and his clients despite being his 20s.

Featuring - Becky Gench & Pete Watson
Released - 28th August 2020



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