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The Ambitions Podcast - Series 5

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Aisling Harrison The Ambitions Podcast

The Ambitions Podcast is back for its fifth series. Filmed in October 2020, with all social distancing and safety guidelines in place, the latest series of our podcast focuses on life and work amid a global pandemic, as well as issues around the recruitment industry, the job-market and the economy.

Although life has changed drastically since our last podcast was filmed, the world is not in complete doom and gloom, and we're still looking forward. 

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"Necessity is the mother of invention." 

Today we bring you the first episode of a brand new series of The Ambitions Podcast. Recorded in October 2020, with full social-distancing and COVID secure measures firmly in place.

Series five is kicking off with a discussion around the current condition of the UK labour market. Ambitions’ HR Manager, Helen Mason, is joined by Account Manager, Gerrard Grundy, to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on businesses and the UK workforce.

The recruitment specialists explore the overall effects so far, possible repercussions to come and discuss if there are any positives amongst the adversity.

Featuring - Helen Mason & Gerrard Grundy
Released - 16th November 2020 


S05E02 - the reality of a recession 

“We’re understanding faster than ever before just how integrated our economic system is.”

In today’s podcast, recorded in October, Gerrard Grundy is joined by special guest, Pete Watson, the Managing Director of digital marketing agency, Distract.

Gerrard and Pete discuss the impact of the COVID Recession, reveal how it has affected their industries and share their advice on how to stay positive despite the economic uncertainty.

Both professionals believe that there is method to the madness and there are always opportunities, even in a recession. With natural gaps being created in the market, innovators need to ensure they “don’t waste a good recession.”

Featuring - Gerrard Grundy & Pete Watson
Released - 7th December 2020


S05E03 - 30 Years of ambitions personnel 

Recorded in March 2020, two weeks before national lockdown, Ambitions Personnel’s Directors and sisters, Amanda Watson and Claire Bishop, discussed their business’ incredible 30-year milestone in April 2020.

The anniversary was due to launch a yearlong campaign, celebrating their achievements; however, due to the pandemic, this had to be postponed and Ambitions faced its toughest year in its 3-decade history.

Ever the optimists, Mandy and Claire, want to end this difficult year on a high and let the adversities they’ve overcome be something else to celebrate when they can do in true Ambitions style!

Together, the co-Directors explore the evolution of Ambitions and what lead them to make the decisions they made to expand their firm from a micro-business to the large enterprise it is today. Not to mention the drastic evolution of the recruitment industry itself.

From working on production lines, driving minivans, catering events and cycling from London to Paris to winning new contracts, opening new offices and expanding divisions - there has never been a dull moment in Ambitions’ fantastic 30 years of TRANSFORMING RECRUITMENT.

Here's to the next 30 years!

Featuring - Mandy Watson & Claire Bishop
Released - 28th December 2020


S05E04 - Finding opportunities in difficult times 

"You've got to think there is a way out of this." 

On what is allegedly the most depressing day of the year, this Blue Monday, The Ambitions Podcast is bringing you some optimism and perspective!

Director, Mandy is joined by special guest, Pete Watson, to discuss what opportunities have come out of the last year, and how this has shaped their values as business leaders and as consumers.

If it can’t get any worse, then it’s time to excel.

Featuring - Mandy Watson & Pete Watson
Released - 18th January 2021


S05E05 - corporate social responsibility 

Director, Mandy, is joined by special guest, Caroline Swindin, Fundraising Development Manager at St Barnabas Hospice to explore what it means to adopt a CSR strategy, what benefits it can bring and how to get started. 

Featuring - Mandy Watson & Caroline Swindin
Released - 8th February 2021


S05E06 - your recruitment journey - gerrard & becky 

"Every day is different" according to Becky, and something that will certainly be echoed by anyone who has first-hand experience of the recruitment industry. 

Operations Director Becky is joined by Account Manager Gerrard as they look at how they both got into recruitment and forged successful careers. They discuss what they love about the industry and also the challenges that they face. 

Featuring - Gerrard Grundy & Becky Gench
Released - 1st March 2021



Recruitment is a business that varies day-to-day and throws many challenges at those at the cliff face. Ambitions Personnel HR Manager Helen Mason and Managing Director, Mandy Watson discuss how they got into recruitment as a career in the first place, how the industry has changed and what the future might hold for those entering the profession.

Featuring - Helen Mason & Mandy Watson
Released - 22nd March 2021