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Don’t Give Up On Your Job Hunt Just Because It Is December

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It’s been a tough and turbulent year for candidates who, on top of a life-altering pandemic, are challenged by more competition and fewer vacancies. We’re ending 2020, shaken by a year we never imagined would happen, and entering 2021, anxious but optimistic for a better year.

For many candidates, the job hunting process has felt relentless and at times hopeless since March this year with fewer live vacancies and intensified competition. With the reality of a “COVID Christmas”, many jobseekers will be experiencing the Winter Blues like never before with a lack of light and warmth to fill the days of job searching.

Sounds overwhelmingly bleak, right? You could just hibernate until the New Year? Give up all hopes of a fulfilling job. No one hires in December anyway!


Although typically, December sees fewer vacancies for permanent roles, the UK job market is seeing more live vacancies for temps and perms now than it was in the summer. Sure, some industries like retail and hospitality are struggling, and they will for the foreseeable future sadly.

Unemployment or dissatisfaction with an existing role will always negatively impact your mental wellbeing and engagement. If you can afford the luxury, the temptation to just hide under your duvet and binge watch Christmas films is wicked. While many others will be enduring work they don’t really want right now and struggling to muster enough energy to be an active candidate.

If you’re someone who has already faced job rejection this year, it can seem so pointless to chase your dream job right now. But it’s a dangerous road to go down, and can leave you with an altered mind-set of how you value your happiness at work and career prospects.


Whether it is a lack of time or motivation, you deserve to be in a role you love, so consider your job search a Christmas present to yourself …

1. Make time - even if half an hour is all you can fit in to update your CV, search for new roles or apply for a vacancy, it’s never a waste of time.

2. Be forward-thinking – no winter lasts forever, and this pandemic won’t either. Look to the future as your job or unemployment rut is not a permanent situation.

3. Put yourself first – it’s pointless going through the effort of finding a new job if it’s not really what you want. Acknowledge your ambitions and don’t settle for something that won’t support them.


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