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Do You Want A Career Change For Christmas?

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It’s been a year with nothing but change. For so many, their day-to-day lives and livelihoods at the beginning of the year, are no longer the same reality as 2020 comes to an end.

The job market and candidates within it have not been so fragile in decades, and some industries have never experienced such a rapid downturn.

Even those who stayed in secure and gainful employment have been left shaken, and conscious of the future. So for those who have had their professions impacted by COVID, this Christmas and New Year period of reflection, now more than ever, so many people will be considering a career change.


COVID has not just disrupted the operations and sales of many businesses, it has completely jeopardised the future of certain industries and enterprises.

Understandably, workers within the most devastated sectors will now be questioning if their future careers lie within the same areas as they did at the beginning of 2020.


Job security and financial stability are going to be at the forefront of candidates’ minds in 2021, but for those who spent the majority of 2020 furloughed, unemployed or in undesirable work, seeking a new career will also be about mental and personal fulfilment.

If you’ve been given, or forced, into a period of reflection and change, perhaps you now desire a brand new challenge. Returning to your previous occupation or field just may no longer be what you desire. Maybe you were unsatisfied before the Coronavirus outbreak but felt forced to stay where you weren’t happy or felt financially pressured into taking anything available.

With a New Year around the corner and promises of vast improvements from the last, then it could be the right time to start making a change.


Although the year has been disastrous, bleak and chaotic, it has been full of courage, strength and love. We’ve experienced something many of us never even contemplated occurring outside of a disaster film, but we’ve been in absolute awe and admiration of those who combatted this pandemic through their selflessness, skill and innovation.

Perhaps this has inspired you to do something more meaningful or helpful to others. To transfer your skills into an essential industry.

Maybe you had some free time to upskill or learn something completely new? Has this introduced different and prosperous avenues to you?

Did the pandemic and subsequent COVID-recession awaken your entrepreneurial side and expose gaps in the market or opportunities for you to create and thrive? This hasn’t just proven which industries have struggled, it has exhibited which have been the most resilient.

Or perhaps this truly disconcerted year has fuelled your ambition to go after a dream you never thought possible or had the time to go after. As we said, it’s a year of nothing but change, but you have the power to make a change for the better.


1. Know what you do and don’t want out of a new job.

2. Identify your transferable skills and keep working on your development.

3. Speak to specialists and other professionals in your desired field.

4. Research and plan.

5. Embrace the journey and be prepared to work your way up!

You may already have a goal in mind or perhaps all you know is you’re not happy in your existing employment and want to start a new chapter.

Whatever your reason for wanting a career change, it’s not something Santa can drop you down the chimney. It will take a lot of work and determination, so it’s important to be absolutely certain it really is something you strongly desire and are willing to commit to.

Maybe you could leave your CV out with wine and carrot on Christmas Eve … Santa might have some elf apprenticeships available!