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5 Christmas Gifts To Give A Candidate This Year

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Aisling Harrison Blog, Tips

It’s been a year that has truly taught us, however brutally, that our health and loved ones are all that really matters. As we’re well and truly into the Christmas season, we’re offered a desperately needed distraction from the obscurity surrounding us, despite this year’s alterations to our festive traditions.

One thing that we can do is the exchanging of gifts. This year, with so many without work, exchanging presents may be quite delicate for some. And we know Christmas is not about presents, it’s about doing gestures of goodwill.

So, if you’re in a position to give this year and you know someone working hard to secure employment, here are some ideas that may help them.

1. Diary

Old fashioned? That depends on who you ask!

Candidates who are managing multiple job applications at once will really benefit from some form of scheduling aid.

Especially for a loved one who is feeling quite down about their job hunt, a diary gives them the opportunity to make plans and lists to tick achievements off as they go.

This may sound childish, but it genuinely mentally helps people who are feeling low to physically record their to-dos, targets and significant dates.

2. Interview Outfit

Clothes can be a risqué present to buy for someone else, but even just a token accessory like a tie or belt would make a nice gesture to someone you know who is trying to secure an interview.

For someone you can relate to a little more style-wise, a more significant item of clothing would be great.  

Not all interviews or places of work require an expensive business suit, but you can’t go wrong with smart casual!

3. Training Course 

Would someone close to you benefit from using Christmas to upskill and improve their expertise?

There are hundreds of virtual courses available that can help educate and qualify people across a variety of levels and industries.

Or, perhaps a live conference or non-virtual course for later on in 2021 … when we can hopefully hold larger events.

4. Financial Support

This is a “gift” to be given with caution, as some find it very unfestive and actually grossly inappropriate depending on the recipient.

However, if a loved one has been out of work for a while, it may actually be the most useful gift of all. Sadly, a lot of people right now can’t think about luxuries, they’re concerned about paying their bills and putting food on the table.

If money seems too awkward, could a voucher be an alternative? It may not be something they can unwrap under the tree Christmas on morning, but help can someone you love some relief this COVID winter.  

5. Time

Perhaps, you also are a candidate on the job market and the pressure or expense of Christmas shopping is something that you don’t need right now.

As we say, Christmas and supporting a loved one isn’t about lavish gifts and expensive gestures.

If you and someone close to you are in the same boat, then offer your time. Listen to their worries and let them know they’re not alone this Christmas.

Could you help proofread their CV or support them with an application? Keep an eye out for vacancies that may suit them and help keep the spirits up.

Volunteer your time to their favourite charity, and spread your goodwill to others in need right now!