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How Not To Measure Your Success

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Aisling Harrison Blog, Lifestyle

Your success is yours. It’s the result of something you have done, it’s a feeling that you get to enjoy. Success is achieving something that you desire or value, and your aspirations are unique to you. So, success is unique to everyone.

But, often we make ourselves feel unsuccessful for not having achieved certain things, that don’t actually matter to us anyway.

When measuring YOUR success, avoid these metrics:


Stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on what you want. Someone else does not get to judge how your accomplishments make you feel.

Accept everyone is different and provided with different opportunities in life. You should only feel concerned about your “lack of success” when you’re deliberately acting in a way that is detrimental to achieving your ambitions, and letting yourself down.

Success is working to the best of your ability in the circumstances you find yourself in. It is not a competition with your peers.


True success is liking yourself and feeling proud of the things you’ve done. Money and other assets may be the result of your actions, but it’s not always the best way to measure success.

You’ve earnt a lot of money because you have worked hard. You’ve won the race because you trained hard. You’ve received top grades because you studied hard.

Winning the lottery is a phenomenal and life-changing experience, but it’s not an accomplishment, it is incredible luck.  

Success isn’t money or luxuries, it is a feeling of knowing what you have earnt.


When you were five, maybe you wanted to save enough pocket money to buy a pick n mix?

When you were eighteen, you wanted to save up to buy a car?

When you were thirty, you wanted money to buy a house?

When you retire, you may want to sell the lot and travel the world?

Your desires change as you age; therefore, the way you measure your success must too. You’ll be many different versions of yourself throughout your lifetime, so what felt important at one time won’t be at another.

Walking away from something that no longer fulfils you, is not failure.

It’s so important not to set age limits on when you’ll have things achieved by. There is not a set order of how things must be attained in life. Teenage entrepreneurs launch their own businesses and grandparents graduate with degrees.

Success is achieving something you’ve worked for, however old you are.   


When achieving your goals you must be brave and prepared to step out of your comfort zone to explore something alien to you. Positivity, optimism and self-belief are crucial to success, but so is being realistic.

There is a line between confidence and delusion. Be brave and ambitious, but just remember the further away you are from your goal, the hard you will have to work to achieve it. But sometimes, the slimmer your chances, the more successful you’ll feel.