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Five Amazing Things That Are Happening Right Now

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Aisling Harrison Blog

Yes, you have read the title correctly, although you may not believe it amongst the catastrophic devastation and panic currently plaguing the entire world. The Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest crisis many of us have ever experienced and no one can escape its impact in one way or another.

And yet, these are five amazing things happening right now.

1. Key Workers

A lot of people now on the frontline of the UK’s fight against COVID-19, were considered to be in low-skilled jobs just a few months ago.

Now, those who are continuing to work in sectors such as grocery retail, food production, refuse collection, cleaning and many others are proving to be anything but low in their skill and effort levels. These people have adapted to the social distancing measures while managing incredibly hectic environments and intense public demand, which is testament to their high organisation, practical and communication skills.

And of course, there are our medical heroes and emergency services!  Day in, day out, they are proving to be nothing shy of miraculous in their work, compassion and bravery during this life-threatening pandemic.

2. Respect

Our Key Workers did not become valuable overnight, people were just forced to acknowledge all their hard work and question where we would be without them. While a change in our attitudes and a weekly ‘Clap For The NHS’ is a positive sentiment, it comes nowhere near to the level of respect the public owe Key Workers, which previously sometimes lacked.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the British public are being forced to confront their previous perception on the value system and hierarchy of the UK workforce. May newfound respect for the so-called ‘low skilled’ and Key Workers last post-pandemic!

3. Appreciation

We are seeing the most remarkable acts of kindness, bravery and selflessness from people all over the world.

The appreciation for these significant acts is inexplicable, but we’re also experiencing appreciation for things that were mundane, never mind small. Shopping, a dental check-up, commuting to work – although these activities are not the most exciting, before they were necessary and done without a second thought. None of these things come easily now.

Lockdown has limited our freedom, spontaneity and social interactions, and we’ve learnt to appreciate things we never thought would be compromised.

4. WillingnessAnchor

Every day in the media, we can see the extreme lengths people are going to in the national and global front to fight COVID-19. People from all walks of life are stepping out of their comfort zones and familiar environments to do something to help in some way.

Whether it is volunteering for the NHS, reaching out to someone they may not know very well or stepping into a Key Worker role that is very different to a previous profession – most people want to help.

We can’t all be medical experts or scientists overnight, but we can all contribute something, no matter how insignificant we think it is.

5. Communication

Despite the enforced social distancing measures, during the last month friends and family across the globe have been reaching out and making a much greater effort to stay in touch. Regular contact with loved ones is proving to be a real healer right now, and people are filling their extra time by socialising from a distance.

People are also making a greater effort to communicate with people their less acquainted with in their communities, especially those more vulnerable in this pandemic, and may need help or support in these scary times.


These five amazing things existed long before COVID-19 did, but we may not have considered them amazing, but now more than ever they are.