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Ambitions Determined To Support Driving Sector As Demand Grows

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With the exacerbation of the global Coronavirus pandemic, the UK has been placed on an official lockdown, meaning only people with jobs constituted as ‘essential’ can leave their homes for work.

One essential industry experiencing incredibly high demand is the haulage and logistics sector, and Grantham-based recruitment agency, Ambitions Personnel is stressing the vitality of UK drivers right now.

Sarah Elvidge, the agency’s Driving Division Manager, says: “The increased demand from grocery retailers has subsequently increased the demand in drivers needed to deliver stock. Whether that’s food deliveries for supermarkets or medication and medical equipment being transported to hospitals by haulage drivers, the UK’s fight against Coronavirus rests heavily on the effectiveness of our haulage infrastructure." 

“Alongside medics, emergency services and grocery retail workers, drivers are among the essential workers we are heavily relying on as the effects of the pandemic deepen."

“It’s not just the effect on the consumers and patients, if essentials such as food and medication are not being delivered to critical businesses and hospitals, workers cannot do their jobs and this sets off a terrible chain-reaction.”

Compliant with all guidelines and restrictions enforced by the UK Government and Public Health Service England, Ambitions Personnel and its Driving Division, is continuing to source key and low-risk workers to essential businesses to assist with the national effort. 

Sarah adds: “This last week has been the busiest the Ambitions’ Driving Division has ever experienced. The UK must not underestimate the importance of our drivers. An articulated lorry is 44 tons, so imagine how many vans would be needed to deliver the same amount of goods.”

“We are ready to help supply businesses with drivers for as long as they are needed. We can live without Netflix, but not without food and vital medication.”


For more information on Ambitions specialist Driving Division’s services, please contact us on or 07796511563.