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How To Approach Decision Making

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Decisions decisions! We all make several decisions every day, some small, some big. You could say that life is all about decisions as, after all, the choices you make can shape your life and take you in one direction or another. It often follows that the bigger the decision, the harder it is to make.

In this week’s blog, we look at some helpful ways to approach decision making; to help you in your work life and beyond.

As recruiters, we’re often dealing with candidates who are at the point of making some fairly big life choices – such as whether it’s right to accept one job offer or another, stay put or leave, change career path etc. and we recognise it’s an integral part of our job role to provide people with the right information, tools and resources to do this.

Having a choice is great, but sometimes it can feel stressful and overwhelming. So, take a step back and consider:

Give it some context

Think about the bigger picture, what are you trying to achieve - is this decision a step in the right direction? What are your values? Is the decision permanent? What are the impacts of the decision – on you and others? Are there other implications, such as a financial risk to consider? Have you truly looked at all your options and alternatives – including the option of doing nothing at all? And once you’ve done all of this, finally ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen?


Particularly when it comes to making big, life-changing decisions, you want to make sure you’re approaching it from a positive place. If fear is holding you back, address why this is and how you can work through it or break it down into manageable steps. Something as simple as taking 10 deep breaths, taking a walk outside or working out can work wonders. The phrase ‘let’s sleep on it’ exists for a reason – a good night’s sleep will often boost clarity and motivation.

Write it down

Anything from a sophisticated spreadsheet to a basic list of pros and cons, some decisions can be assisted greatly by seeing it set out in black and white.

Get a second opinion

Talk to someone else, whether it’s a partner, family member, close friend or even a professional – such as a life coach. A third party might be able to offer some insight that you hadn’t considered, be a voice of reason or even give you support if you need reassurance. In fact, the simple act of vocalising your dilemma might actually help you process the information in a different way.

Toss a coin!

No, we’re not joking! If you’ve got two choices, toss a coin. Whatever happens, it isn’t binding! But what you might find is that in the moment before the coin comes down, you realise that you’re secretly hoping for one option more than another.  This might just be the ‘sign’ you’ve been looking for!

No regrets!

If you’ve followed a process and made a reasonable and considered decision based on the information available to you at the time, then don’t look back. Even if something doesn’t work out as you hoped, there are always lessons to be learned from every experience. 
We hope our tips help you to approach decision making with confidence! If you’re considering whether it’s the right time to make your next career move, come and speak to one of our experienced consultants who can offer you help and advice.