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5 Things To Consider When Searching For A New Job In 2020

5 Things To Consider

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With any new year, especially a new decade, most of us begin to contemplate making changes to improve our wellbeing and a huge aspect of our lives that affects this is work. 

January and February are the busiest times of the year for Job Seekers, with the festive period and New Year sentiments encouraging professionals to seek a new challenge career-wise.

This can be for countless reasons; salary, progression or discontent with your current job, company or industry. If you’re considering new job opportunities in 2020, you’re certainly not alone, but there are some things you should consider. 

1. Resolution

If you’re seeking a new job due to unhappiness in your current role, have you considered if it is likely to improve in the near future and will leaving definitely resolve your unhappiness?

An established company is unlikely to change their entire culture for one person. However, if you’re struggling with your work environment due to your health or issues with other colleagues – then speak with the appropriate manager. This could improve your experience at work and make your current role be one you’re happy to stay in.

2. Moving On for Progression 

A lot of people on the verge of leaving their current role feel as though they have outgrown their job or that the salary does not reflect their position and work contributions.

Wanting to progress is completely natural and feeling unfulfilled or undervalued is one of the most common causes for employees leaving. 

If uncertainty over your future progression is urging you to leave a company you love working for, discuss with your manager what they can offer and ask if they could support your future growth first.

3. Location & Opportunity 

You must consider the number of opportunities available for your desired job in the area you’re based in. 

Have you got the resources to commute somewhere else or would you need to relocate? 

Your ability to commute or relocate for work is hugely impacted by your personal circumstances and family life. 

4. Career & Industry 

Throughout our working lives, we will constantly evolve, developing new skills and interests, so it is completely normal for some people to seek a change in career, potentially more than once. 

It’s important to identify whether your desire to change role is also a desire to change career and explore a new industry. 

Where transferable skills exist, there is potential for you to embark on a fresh start. 

Although changing career is exciting, it is also going to be a huge learning curve for you. Be prepared for the likelihood of additional training and an initial decrease in salary. 

5. Benefits, Culture & Rules

Satisfaction with your job is one thing, but there is a lot more to your work life than “work” itself. 

Even within the same industry, each company is different and will have a unique culture; therefore, employee benefits will differ.

Would losing certain benefits seriously and negatively impact on your life? 

  • Flexible hours
  • Remote working
  • Pension schemes
  • Insurance
  • Free parking
  • Rewards
  • Parties
  • Freebies
  • Casual dress code
  • Commuting/Travel Assistance

Starting a new job is daunting for anyone, but especially for someone who has been with their previous company for a long time. Being with a company for a long time and having a good relationship with management will allow you certain perks at work. 

(You won’t be entitled to bend the rules straight away at a new place.) 

There’s Nothing Wrong With Ambition

Do not be afraid to progress in your career, or embark on a new one! There is a lot to consider, so take your time when contemplating new opportunities and make the next step the best it could possibly be for you.