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How to stay cool in the office

Blog   05 07 2019 (800x500)

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We’ve been loving the heat this week, and with summer seemingly on the way we’ve been trying to keep our office cool and give the thermometer a rest. Here are some of the easiest things you can do to stay happy in the heat.

Keep the Blinds Drawn

The easiest thing you can do is to keep the sun out. Whilst it might feel a bit odd to close out the sun we’ve been longing for all winter, it’s the best thing to prevent the office from becoming a greenhouse. Our insulated buildings and double glazing are very good at retaining heat, but not the best and letting it out again!

Use the Evening Air

Opening the windows can often make things worse, especially if your office has Air-Con, as all you’re doing is letting the cool air out and the warm in. If it is 30+ degrees outside, then the likelihood is that your shaded office will be cooler than outside anyway, so you’re best off containing it. If possible, have the windows open later in the day, and let the evening air circulate through and cool the office off, ready for the morning.

Avoid a Big Lunch

Research has shown that a big lunch means your body has to work harder to digest it, increasing your internal temperature. Eating smaller things throughout the day will alleviate this, and prevent you feeling tired and sluggish, which the heat will only make worse.

Homemade Air-Con

For a creative solution, place a bowl of ice underneath a desk fan for some personalised Air-Con. Apparently breathing into a cup of ice can also give a rush of cold air, which is probably worth trying if nothing else seems to be working!

Cool your Pulse Points

You can provide instant relief by cooling your pulse points. An easy way is to run cold water over your wrists, which will help to pinpoint the source of your high temperature.

Ease off the caffeine

Hot drinks are generally a bad idea in the warm weather, but the caffeine will increase your heart rate, raising your core temperature. If you do need that boost in the morning, perhaps try an iced tea or coffee? The best thing to do is keep hydrated, and drink plenty of water!

If you were struggling to cool down, hopefully these tips can provide some relief. Let us know of any other hot tips to cool down in the comments!