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5 transferable skills temp jobs teach you

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This week we have a guest blog from CV-Library. They have written some advice on the benefits of temp jobs, and how it can make you more employable in the long-term.


Every piece of work experience you undergo can provide you with valuable skills to help boost your career. That even includes temporary work that you take on to make ends meet. While you may look at it as a way to pay the bills, you’ll actually be building on your key skills, making your more employable in the future.

This means that you can highlight these transferable skills on your CV when it comes to searching for a more permanent job. So what sort of skills will you be learning? We outline, below.


Teamwork is essential in any workplace. The ability to work harmoniously as part of a team can stand you in good stead, especially when it comes to impressing a potential employer. Businesses want to hire team players that can get stuck in and won’t shake anything up within the company.

Your teamwork skills could be a result of working together to reach store targets, or to complete a particular task. Think about any instances where you’ve worked with other people and what this has taught you. You’ll probably notice that it’s given you insights into how to deal with different individuals.


When you’re working in a temporary position, it’s extremely important to be organised. After all, you’ll likely be moving from role to role and only be in each job for a short amount of time. What’s more, you’ll need to ensure that you are assisting with the work of the permanent employees, helping to make their lives easier.

Employers value organisation skills because it shows you can get your work done efficiently and in a set time frame. Showcasing these skills on your CV can definitely give you a better chance of securing those interviews.

Time management

Similar to the above, time management is crucial. With experience in temp work, you should understand the importance of turning up to work on time. Alongside this, you’ll know that certain tasks need to be completed in a set period of time.

Being able to effectively manage your time will put you in a positive light amongst employers. After all, it’s respectful and shows that you appreciate the rules and will adhere to them. What’s more, it suggests that you are a reliable individual, which is important for building a trusting relationship.

Customer service

A lot of temp work will involve engaging with customers. This is a great opportunity to boost your customer service skills and gain practice in dealing with individuals from a range of backgrounds. Customer service skills are a real asset in the workplace. Especially when dealing with clients, or even your colleagues.

To build on these skills, consider how you’re coming across to the customers. Do you have a friendly manner? Are you being proactive with your assistance? Thinking of these factors can help you to improve the service you offer.


The ability to communicate effectively with your colleagues and third parties is important in the workplace. After all, without strong communication, you would struggle to complete tasks and projects on a daily basis.

When working in a temp position, you can practice your communication skills. And that’s not just verbally. Think about how you come across over email too. This is good practice and gets you used to the types of interactions you’ll have once you’re in permanent employment.

In summary

Don’t overlook your experience in temporary work. While you may view it as a simple way to make money in between finding permanent employment, it could actually arm you with vital transferable skills that will be useful throughout your career.

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