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Unmotivated and Unconfident, rethink and feel good about what you do

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It’s probably fair to say that in life when we don’t do things it’s because we either don’t want to or we don’t think we can.

Critical to so much we accomplish in life, but possessing motivation and confidence can be a complex matter.


It’s not a case of “not being bothered”, it’s a case of lacking in interest and passion for something. In your mind, the task required offers no purpose or benefit.

You’re not necessarily afraid of the challenge ahead, or dreading the prospect of hard work, but you feel the outcome won’t make the time and effort worth it.

Motivation comes when someone can envision a positive outcome, even if they don’t want to do something.

It’s a cold and dark Monday morning in the middle of winter. You’d rather stay in the comfort of your warm and cosy bed than go to work. But you get up and go because you need to work and to earn money to live.

People act on their own best interests, or what they think will be in their best interests.


Sometimes people refuse to pursue their ambitions because they believe it’s in the best interest not to try out of fear of failure. They have a real desire to achieve and attain something, but cannot bring themselves to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

They know what they want and the direction they need to take, but anxiety over their ability prevents them from acting on their ambitions.

When you’re unconfident, you’re unable to act on your desire. Never knowing feels easier than ever trying. And that is a devastating waste of potential.


We have little control over our feelings and interests, but maybe we can revaluate situations and look for the positive outcomes that may not feel obvious or apparent.

Although something may not be a direct benefit to you, could it help someone else?

Try and do the same with your confidence, revaluate yourself. Why do you think you’re no good and what really is the worst that can happen by trying?


We can do things we’re unmotivated to do or feel unconfident while doing it, but never to the best of our ability, with either a futile or minimally positive outcome.

When we are motivated and confident we can excel.

To find motivation, start at the end. What do you want to achieve? Motivation isn’t the physical act of doing, it’s your mindset and drive.

Motivation is about you, what you want and making sure you get it. Building confidence is more challenging. You lack confidence when you’re out of your comfort zone and unfamiliar with a situation or its outcome.   

Discovering what motivates you is key to creating confidence for yourself. It’s certainly a process and practice, but when you work towards something you want to achieve, it becomes more comfortable and the outcomes during your journey become more foreseeable, and that is confidence.

Motivation and confidence mean you feel good about what you do, and when you feel good about what you’re doing, you do great things.