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Temping In Tough Times

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As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, hundreds and thousands of the UK workforce are continuing to be left without work or an income through no fault of their own, and these statistics are only set to rise for the foreseeable future.

Ambitions Personnel is continuing to source essential key workers to a number of industries that have never before been more critical.

While some industries and people are suffering unimaginable blows right now, there are still many critical businesses and key workers doing incredible jobs to keep our country going right now.


The drastic increase in demand for grocery retail has inevitably spread to the rest of the supply chain, and now the UK’s food production sector is in urgent need for low-risk, essential workers to produce, manufacture, package and deliver quality food.

It’s uncertain how long the Government-enforced lockdown and distancing measures will last, but Ambitions remains optimistic the need and demand for many roles, which are currently considered non-essential during the crisis, will be restored in time. 


While no one is underestimating the devastation of losing your dream with a company you love, if you are low-risk and able to carry out a key worker role, there so many urgently needed right now.

Fulfilling a key worker role on a temporary basis during this incredibly strenuous and daunting time does not mean you’ll never return to your speciality or career. It’s an opportunity to join the national effort and help keep your loved ones and communities fed, until normal-life resumes.

Currently, we have over 800 different jobs that need filling in the food industry, ranging from production workers, engineers, drivers and packaging, hygiene and machine operatives.


The work Ambitions is offering is for anyone over the age of 18-years, who is not in the high-risk category, with experience from entry-level to highly skilled workers. The company is following all guidelines by the UK Government and Public Health Service England to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its workers.

If you’re well enough to work and are able to do so, but have suffered a job loss due to the pandemic, then we can’t urge you enough to get in touch with your local Ambitions Branch to find out what temporary, essential key worker roles we have available.