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Optimism During The Outbreak

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We know exactly what is on everyone’s mind right now, and we deeply sympathise with the personal and professional struggles people around the world are currently experiencing.

While it’s a period of certain uncertainty, with policies and best practices changing daily, and sometimes hourly, Ambitions Personnel will continue to do its utmost to support the employment requirements of our candidates and clients.

Our livelihoods feel very out of our control right now …


The scale of redundancies inflicted by the Coronavirus outbreak is currently unknown, many workers have voiced their distress that they will face imminent unemployment, but only time will tell if this is permanent or temporary.


Understandably, many businesses are delaying recruitment plans for the time being. Companies are continually trying to review the effect the outbreak and self-isolation policy are having on their own workforce, income and their customers. Job ads are being removed or left unpublished and interviews are being cancelled.


Some businesses are experiencing the total opposite, and instead of being forced to lose staff, they are in urgent need of gaining them. Particularly, certain industries within the retail, production and driving sectors are in increasingly high demand and do not have the current workforce to facilitate the sudden demand.

But there is so much Ambitions has in hand …


Particular jobs and sectors will be impacted differently, but when the outbreak is contained, lockdown, restrictions and travel bans will be lifted. Currently, the experts say normality will be restored in the coming months, so this means the need for many, many jobs will also be restored.


We know this is incredibly daunting for our applicants, but we are monitoring this situation and we will continue to support job seekers, old and new, throughout this ordeal. Recruitment was already a fast-paced industry, and our consultants are prepared and capable of handling these difficult circumstances. Ambitions is pursuing business as usual; therefore, our consultants are continuing to pursue job opportunities across all sectors. Telephone and virtual interviews have become increasingly popular as the week has unfolded, so don’t lose your laptop or phone charger, as well as hope!


A week ago certain retail, food service, health care, waste disposal and production employees were referred to as ‘low-skilled workers’. Now they are known as ‘essential workers’ keeping the country afloat. Undeniably, the outbreak and self-isolation has resulted in certain industries unable to continue business as usual, but some businesses are experiencing a drastically higher volume of demand for goods and services. At least temporarily, certain jobs are being generated and they desperately need filling by those well enough. For those who have suffered redundancy and unwanted sabbatical, temporary work is an option and saviour until normality resumes.


Temporary or permanent, if you are looking for work or workers during this incredibly difficult time, Ambitions Personnel will continue to support you. Our business structure has always encouraged flexibility and adaptability to provide clients and candidates with quick responses.

In a world that is changing so rapidly and drastically right now, Ambitions’ values and goals will remain the same.