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Key Workers And Their Critical Roles

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This week the UK was placed on a lockdown; which means people are only allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons, listed here. Key Workers are still permitted to leave their homes as their work is essential during this pandemic.

We are full of hope that normality will be restored in the coming months, and eventually, those businesses and people worst impacted by this can either resume or begin working towards life before the outbreak.

The NHS, emergency services and other health workers are under an unimaginable strain right now, but there are still many Key Worker jobs available to non-high risk workers that will massively help the national effort to beat the Coronavirus outbreak.


Following all guidelines enforced by the UK Government and Public Health Service England to protect our candidates, clients and staff, Ambitions is currently recruiting for essential Key Workers.

This week, our three most in-demand key workers have been:


With the demand for medical and food supplies drastically increasing daily, our countries haulage drivers and logistic experts, have also been in demand like never before.

The last two weeks have been the busiest the Ambitions Driving Division has ever experienced, so we must not underestimate the importance of our drivers during this crisis. They are ensuring that medicine, medical supplies and food are getting to the country’s shops and hospitals.


At present, Food Production Workers are required at all levels of experience and skill.

These Key Workers are responsible for the safe production and packaging of the country’s food, and they’re many different roles currently required.

Ideal candidates for these essential roles are people with transferable skills, which could include people with experience in the catering and hospitality industry.

Additionally, anyone with quality control or engineering experience within other sectors would be very well suited to operate machinery essential for food production.


Other than medicine and groceries, household items such as toiletries, cleaning products and electrical appliances are in greater than usual demand, with more of the publically forced to stay at home.

Warehouse Operatives are also in great demand to help keep the supply chain going, and ensure essential home deliveries can be carried out.

Much like critical Food Production Workers, Warehouse Operatives are desperately required at all levels during this time.


On behalf of our team, Ambitions Personnel would like to thank all Key Workers for their incredible and selfless work during this painful time.

Please contact us, for more information regarding Key Work opportunities.

Stay safe.