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2020 Recruitment Trends To Watch Out For

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New year, new plan. Each year, new recruitment trends will come onto the scene and recruiters will turn their attention to strategies that will enhance customer and client experience, win the war for talent and make them more commercially successful in a crowded market.

With that in mind, Recruitment Grapevine caught up with several recruiters ahead of the new year to find out what you should be focussing on to stay ahead of the curve.

James Lloyd-Townshend, Chairman and CEO at Frank Recruitment Group

“Cloud computing has continued to grow exponentially over the past 12 months, and we see absolutely no reason for that to change in 2020. Switching to the cloud has become a much easier task, and we expect businesses from all walks to continue this trend. In turn, the likes of Microsoft and Amazon will require more certified staff than ever.”

Amanda Watson, Managing Director at Ambitions Personnel

“We head into 2020 with the uncertainty of Brexit still hanging over us – which we anticipate will continue to dominate discussions in boardrooms up and down the country. However, it’s impossible to say at this point exactly what that impact will be.

“The candidate-driven market will no doubt continue – employers will continue to have to work hard and innovate to secure top talent and tap into currently under-utilised markets to address shortages, as well as looking at ways of improving their offering for existing employees and improving their retention – possibly through re-skilling the workforce.”

Albert Ellis, CEO at Harvey Nash

“We hear a lot about the importance of social purpose, especially in attracting Millennials and Generation Z. Harvey Nash research has found that whilst social purpose may not be a top-tier factor in recruitment, it is certainly bigger amongst the younger demographic and as such we can expect it to carry on becoming a more prominent mainstream issue. It also makes a big difference in terms of retention – with our research finding that organisations that are rated highly on social purpose have better staff retention.”

Ricky Martin, Founder and Managing Director at Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS)

"A current and continued hot topic for the sector is how technology is both changing and complimenting what we do. With the growth of AI and automation in software, come 2020 some of the ideas of 2019 will become realities and recruiters need to make sure they embrace the technology that can help what they do, as long as they don’t expect it to solve all the problems they may have. Keeping an open mind to tech will give you an advantage, but it's key to remember that recruitment is still a 'people industry' at heart."

Matt Allen, Director at Senploy 

"Up until now generic job boards have reigned supreme, but candidates and employers alike are growing tired of a lengthy recruitment process. In 2020 we believe many others will follow our lead by launching niche job sites. This will not only save everyone valuable time, resources and money but will reinvigorate these sectors with an influx of high-calibre talent.”