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How to boost your confidence at work

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Do you fear the prospect of making mistakes and upsetting people at work? Whilst it’s natural to have some of these feelings; being too cautious can hold you back. The good news is that it is possible to grow confidence whilst at work. However, it’s a considered and deliberate process of implementing more positive thoughts and actions in whichever discipline you are in.

Be kind to yourself

We can be our own toughest critics, but there is no benefit to thinking negatively about yourself and your actions in the workplace. If you’ve achieved something, no matter how small, feel good about it. You could even treat yourself, which will help to remind yourself about what a great job you’re doing. If you’re annoyed at yourself for making a mistake, then don’t dwell on it. We’ve written a whole blog on the process of getting over mistakes, and staying positive.

Be Curious

One of the best things to improve your confidence is trying new things. So approach your work with a determination to learn and enhance your skillset. Ask your boss if you can lead the next client meeting, or attend a course to gain more experience. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll gain self-confidence as you realise how much you can do. You’ll also present more visual, outward confidence as you’ll show that you don’t want to stick to what you know.

Go Above and Beyond

Connected to the previous point is the philosophy of doing as much as you can in your projects. Have you got pertinent ideas and suggestions? Put them forward to your manager for consideration. Volunteer for projects that nobody else wants to do, as this will show the self-assurance that you can fill this gap in the business. You will also be looked at to provide your knowledge and skills more regularly, so there is a big potential impact for the future.

Ask for Feedback

One of the best things you can do is ask for feedback. This not only shows initiative, but removes the wait and anxiety associated with not knowing if you’ve done something correctly. You’ll be able to evaluate your performance and get a better sense of your strengths. If you have made a mistake, you’ll be able to understand why it happened, and will be in a position to prevent yourself from making the same one again.

­Act the Part

This is the most important change to make, as presenting yourself in a certain way will help overcome any fears that you have. You will appear more confident when dealing with colleagues and clients. Dress well, sit up, be friendly and make eye contact with people you are talking to. These little changes can combine to make a big impact, so make sure you follow the old adage and ‘fake it till you make it’.

Adopting these few things can make a huge difference to your working life. It often boils down to a mindset change, and just altering your outlook on your own work and competencies. Are there any tips that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.