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How to stay positive whilst job hunting

12 04 2019

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If you’re unemployed, job hunting can be a long process, and unfortunately, you’re not going to be offered every role you apply for. Most people will have experienced rejection during a job search, and one of the key things is to remain upbeat and positive. By staying upbeat, you will write better applications, be more energetic in both phone and face to face interviews, and generally increase your chances of success.

So what can you do to help? Have a read through the tips below to see how you can make yourself an even better candidate.

Change your CV

We’ve got loads of CV advice throughout the blog, and it really is the most important thing you can change. The chances are, if your applications are struggling to get past the initial stage, then your CV might be holding you back. Invest time in giving your CV an overhaul. One way to update this is the way your CV is worded, think of it as a marketing tool to show why you are perfect for a new role. Tailoring your CV to the specification of each role you apply to is also essential. Giving your CV an overhaul will give you new energy with your job search, and hopefully yield better results so the interview offers will soon come flooding in. Struggling to find ways to improve your CV? We can help!

Set specific targets

Have targets and goals during the day, to make yourself more productive. Instead of telling yourself to ‘apply for jobs between 10 am and 3 pm’, make it a more varied plan. Take some time to find roles you’re genuinely interested in and research companies you really want to work for, then customise your CV for each one. Invest time in attending networking events, you never know who you might meet.  Approach your job hunt like you would a work task; be organised and track where you have applied to and then follow up.  Don’t be afraid to approach an employer for an update or feedback.

Make a list of all your achievements

Take a step back and think about what you’ve achieved during your last role and across your career. Think about promotions, pay rises and experience in major projects. This will not only give you a confidence boost, but it will also clarify some important information for applications and interviews. Have a list near your computer, so you can constantly refer back to it during the search.

Make the most of your free time

Whilst life without a job can present some limitations, it can also be a golden opportunity. This might be the first time for a while that you’ve had the chance to try new things, and pursue an interest or new hobby. Work-life balance still applies to your situation, taking up this new endeavour may also help your mind-set when you come back to the searching and applying. We’d also recommend looking for training opportunities which might enable you to learn a new skill or refresh an old one. Taking up a night class learning a piece of software, an accounts course, a language or any other specific skill, might even help you discover a new passion or career direction. And who knows, that new skill might give you the extra edge over another candidate.

Remember that job searching can be a drawn-out process, but it’s the quality, not the quantity of your applications that’s important. Hopefully these tips help you to stay positive during the process. If you’ve found anything else that helps, let us know in the comments!