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How to reduce hay fever symptoms

Blog Picture   18 04 2019

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If the forecast is to be believed, the Easter weekend will be a warm one, which is music to our ears. However, if you’re one of the 10 million people in the UK who suffer from Hay fever, you might have different feelings about this sudden heatwave. 95% of people with Hay fever suffer from an allergy to grass pollen, which peaks at the start of May. So if it’s a particularly warm, humid or windy day, we’ve compiled some things to try to reduce your symptoms.

Know Your Pollen

There are three primary types that affect people, and the seasons vary throughout the year. This can help to give you an idea of which form affects you.

  • Tree Pollen – Late March to Early May
  • Grass Pollen – May to July
  • Weed Pollen – End of June to September

The Met Office’s Pollen Forecast can help you prepare for the coming days.

Time it

Pollen levels spike early in the morning and in the late afternoon. This is because the pollen gets caught in air currents during the hottest parts of the day. When the temperature drops, the pollen falls to nose level causing these peak times during the day.

Scrub up

Pollen is designed to be sticky, the natural design features are there to spread the grains far and wide. An easy place for pollen to trap itself is on your clothes once you’ve been outside. It’s important then to change once you get back home. Also, try and have a shower and wash your hair at the same time, again this is an easy way to avoid being surrounded by pollen when you get back indoors.

Get Physical

Not necessarily exercise, although this never hurts, but create a physical barrier between you and the pollen. Some sunglasses and a small amount of Vaseline around your nostrils can make a massive difference when you’re out and about.

Outside of this advice, try to avoid having flowers in the house, cutting the grass and getting too close to animals, unless it’s your pet of course. If you’re still having issues, speak to your pharmacist or GP.

We hope this advice will help you enjoy the warmth and sunshine that is forecast across the Easter break. All of our branches are closed on Friday 19th and Monday 22nd April 2019. With them all open as usual on Tuesday 23rd. Happy Easter!