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    Tips for Interview Success!

    Congratulations on being selected for interview!

    Now you have this valuable opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself to an employer, we want to help you maximise your potential and stand out from the rest. By following this guide, we hope to increase your chances of success!


    • An interviewer will be looking for the candidate who best fits into their existing team, who can perform the job and is going to stay. You must consider what relevant skills, strengths and experience you have to offer the prospective employer. Be prepared with actual examples and scenarios.
    • Travel arrangements – plan your route and perhaps even do a trial run at a similar time of day. Aim to arrive 15 minutes early. DO NOT BE LATE!
    • The job - Your consultant will have briefed you thoroughly about the role you are going for, do not hesitate to contact them for any further information prior to the interview. If you have been given a job description, make sure you have read this through thoroughly.
    • The company – As a measure of your interest, the interviewer is likely to ask you what you know about their company and the industry in which it operates. Do invest time into researching and make use of every available resource – company / competitor websites, annual reports, marketing literature, friends / colleagues, trade press, media etc.


    • Appearance – It is important to give a good first impression. Always dress appropriately and appear well groomed (clean nails, polished shoes etc), but above all – be comfortable.
    • First impressions count – practice a firm handshake, make eye contact and smile! On your way to the interview room, be friendly, make conversation and acknowledge other staff.
    • Be aware of your body language – non verbal communication accounts for approximately 65% of the message you want to convey. Try to appear relaxed and show you are interested by nodding, smiling etc.
    • Have at least six questions prepared. Take a notepad to jog your memory. These can be related to anything, except pay, holidays etc! You need to establish whether this job / business is right, so think about what is important to you.
    • At the end of the interview, confirm your interest in the position. Thank the interviewer for their time and ask what the next stage is or when they hope to make a decision.
    • Call your consultant! Let them know how you feel it went and if you are interested. Normally, they will wait for your feedback before speaking to their client.


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